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[PIC Scan] EXO-K RCY Poster ^^

12 Mar


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[130308] Ivy Club Official Update – EXO-K ^^

10 Mar


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[TRANS/NEWS] EXO-K volunteer work at a nursery on Feb 22nd ^^

26 Feb

Where did EXO-K hyungs come from?

ImageThe 6-member boy group EXO-K’s members went to Seoul Seongdong-gu Hawang Shipridong’s Eden I Ville nursery facilities on February 22nd at 3:00pm to do volunteer work.

Was there a time that I’ve looked this carefully to the back of a man that was cleaning bathroom floors. The boy group EXO-K who has the mysterious concept of “the boys from EXOPLANET” somehow seems to have come to Earth in order to ‘clean.’
The six members of EXO-K, D.O (Do Kyungsoo, 21), Kai (Kim Jongin, 20), Suho (Kim Junmyeon, 23), Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol, 22), Sehun (Oh Sehun, 20), Baekhyun (Byun Baekhyun 22,) have visited the Seoul Seongdong-gu Hawang Shipridong’s Eden I Ville nursery facilities the past 22nd of February at 3:00pm. It was in order to clean every corner of the space where 50 people, infants and teenagers ranging from 0 ~ 18 years of age,  live and to spend time with the kids. <Oh My Star> joined that path.
It was the third time that EXO-K, who has been doing volunteer work in nursing homes and facilities for the disabled since before their debut, visited this place. The members all said “we volunteered in lots of places, but we like coming to see the kids the most.” Now they can even ask “you’ve grown a lot?” and recognize some kids. Though I don’t know what EXO-K is, they have formed a relationship either as an oppa, hyung, or uncle, and with the entrance of their welcomed faces they were responded with excited hugs.

ImageEXO-K’s D.O is cleaning Eden I Ville’s restaurant.

Do they clean their dorms this well too?
With their chant “begin cleaning”, D.O, Baekhyun and Suho to the underground restaurant, Kai and Sehun to the play area, and Chanyeol to the bathroom, they all moved in perfect order. The reporter couldn’t just sit and watch so in order to help clean the restaurant he got a mop, and since D.O who was in charge of vacuum cleaning said “we have to get rid of the dust first and then wash it with water” he decided to follow the teachings of the “volunteer sunbae (senior).”
Cleaning the restaurant finished faster than expected. It was thanks to the female middle school students from Even I Ville who have offered to help with the mopping. Though it isn’t possible to know if they usually have been cleaning this way, the students sighed at the fact that the restaurant wasn’t as big as a field and used the “oppas” as their motives and finished the happiest cleaning of their lives.
Just in time, the cleaning of the play area was coming into conclusion as well. Sehun, who was in charge of the steam cleaning, had pretty meticulous hands. With the question “do you clean your dorms this well too” Sehun and Kai responded with “A-ha” and laughed neither showing a positive or negative response. Meanwhile, Chanyeol who had been left alone became one with the brush and was cleaning off old dirt from the floor. Even when he revealed “I always do the bathroom cleaning” Chanyeol keeps a smile on his face.
ImageEXO-K members are playing Korean Jacks with the kids of Eden I Ville. Now it is Kai’s turn.
The game of Korean Jacks with ‘oppas’, could it be forgotten
Even in the “Play” mission, the role that Chanyeol was in charge of was difficult. Thanks(?) to being the tallest among the members, he was loved for and known as the uncle “only for riding on his shoulders.” In the floor, Kai rolled excitedly on the floor with the male kids. The kid who particularly stayed in only Kai’s arms remembered him as the uncle who played with him the longest. Sehun who had his hair dyed blonde received the odd question “hyung, what country did you come from?” and responded with laughter.
As soon as Baekhyun entered the infants room, he searched for the girl who he found particularly cute and sat her on his lap and took a candy out, saying “I saved it to give it to her.” Sehun also added “there was a kid I really liked, but (he/she) has gone to the United States for adoption” and expressed his sadness. Even so he said “it’s a good thing because (he/she) was granted with good parents” and nodded accordingly. D.O was completely absorbed in a game of slap-match (traditional Korean game) for a long time with the male kid who requested to battle against him. Suho who was nowhere to be seen was alone in another room, hugging and patting a newly-born kid.
The highlight of this day was the final Korean Jacks battle between Chanyeol and Kai and the female middle school students. With this one analogue game, the stars and fans became one.
EXO-K’s Sehun and D.O are carrying the kids on their shoulders.

Lastly, after revealing one kid’s room papered with EXO-K’s pictures to the members and seeing their moved reactions, the day was concluded by taking pictures as commemoration.
Though it was merely a couple of hours of carrying the kids, stiffness in the shoulders could be felt. When asked to the leader Suho if they could finally rest now, he responded by saying “after eating, I think we will have to go back and practice diligently until 1~2 in the morning.” It seemed that volunteer work was possible since it was still before their comeback. Still, EXO-K promised a next time with a greeting “let’s meet again.”
After EXO-K left, some male students dressed in Taekwondo attire came running downstairs by a close call. They said they wanted to show their Taekwondo to the uncles, but they were a little bit late. So come next time again in order to see the Earthling boys’ Taekwondo demonstration.

Eden I Ville director Lee Soyoung
“EXO-K who I like because they are bright, are also hard workers”
The first time EXO-K formed a bond with Eden I Ville was about 3 years ago, during their training period. Director Lee Soyoung said about the members “they don’t waste or evade time and they’re the style to find work and do it independently” by complimenting them and added “most of all, it’s easy for the teachers to approach them because they’re bright, and the kids also like them.”

Source ohmynews
Translated by yixing_s @ SMent_EXO
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KaiSoo Facts – Part 1 ^^

20 Jan


Annyeong haseyo readers ^o^ huaaaa uda lama nih sebenernya mau ngepost KaiSoo Facts nya, tetapi selalu kepending gara2 satu dan lain hal *gayaluthor* #tabokauthor xD. Readers pasti tau donk couple yang satu ini. Kedekatan mereka sering kelihatan kok. Apalagi mereka sama-sama member K. Jadinya pasti sering kita lihat KaiSoo moment :). Ini baru part pertama, dan kmgknan masih ada part-part selanjutnya :P. Kebanyakan intro nih author, langsung capcus ke fact Kaisoo Couple nya aja yaaa ^^

1. Kai dan D.O. adalah teman sekamar
2. Dua-duanya memiliki bibir yang seksi . *betulbetulbetul xD*
3. Kaisoo couples ini mulai mendapat perhatian ketika kedekatan mereka terlihat di airport ketika akan Showcase di Beijing
4. KaiSoo saling bertukar topi milik mereka berdua

5. Wajah keduanya membuat orang-orang tidak bisa melawan pesona mereka 🙂

Image6. Selama EXO Beijing Showcase, D.O. berdiri dibelakang kai ketika kai sedang dalam posisi duduk, D.O. menaruh tangannya di pundak kai.
7. Selama EXO Showcase, Kai terluka, dan D.O. yang menolong Kai.

8. Mereka berbagi hari ulang tahun bersama, Kai 14 Januari 1994, D.O. 12 Januari 1993
9. KaiSoo selalu tertangkap oleh fans saling berpandangan satu sama lain. 🙂

10. KaiSoo couple pernah menjadi salah satu topik teratas pencarian di Naver.
11. Shimshimtapa – D.O. diam-diam memberi vote untuk kai, untuk pertanyaan siapa member EXO-K yang terlihat seperti artis dan tampan. Dia seharusnya bisa memberi vote untuk dirinya sendiri seperti yang member lain lakukan, tetapi dia memilih kai. *baikbanget, peluk D.O 🙂 *

Image12. Shimshimtapa – Selama masa trainee, KaiSoo sering melihat Pororo bersama. Pororo adalah kartun favorit D.O.
13. Seorang fan bertanya pada kai di Fanboard
Fan : Apa makanan lezat yang dimasak D.O. untukmu?
Kai: Apakah kamu pernah memasak spagetti dan pusing, rasanya seperti itu. *kkkkkk xD*
14. Deskripsi D.O. tentang Kai : meskipun dia adalah dongsaengku, jika aku melihat dia seperti ini, dia sangat cool dan seksi. Aku kagum ketika melihat penampilannya di panggung. Melihat ekspresinya, sangat berbeda dengan rookie biasanya. Bahkan ketika aku bertanya padanya tentang sebuah part yang aku tidak tahu di waktu latihan dance, dia kan mengajariku dengan sangat sabar dan tanpa merasa terganggu – SBS News Interview

Image15. Kai berkata, Sehun dan Suho akan melakukan dengan baik di karir akting, Baekhyun dan Chenyeol akan melakukan dengan baik di karir variety show, sedang dia dan D.O. akan duduk di rumah. *huaaaaa, ngakakgulingguling xD*
16. Di teaser My Lady, Kai berdansa dan D.O. yang menyanyikan lagunya.
17. Kai puas dengan bahasa cina, tetapi dia sering digoda oleh Luhan. Menurut D.O., bahasa Cina Kai sudah baik.


Ini D.O. lagi apa ya? nempelin wajah ke punggung kai gitu xD *ahh cute bgt 🙂


—– so sweet bgt ya couple ni ^^ author ngeship mereka stelah hunhan . 🙂 😀 segini dulu factsnya, nanti dilanjutin di part berikutnya. Gamsahamnida buat readers yang uda baca, jangan lupa komen bwt tinggalin jejak 🙂

Source: The Star
source : D.Ougnuts ~ Exo-k~ {D.O Fanpage}
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EXO-K – From Official Ivy Club Site Update ^o^

18 Jan


Source: ivy club official site via @exoplosion

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130114 Kai’s Birthday Message – EXO-K Official Site Update

14 Jan



Indo Trans:

Halo! Ini adalah Kai kalian yang stabil (N: dalam hal tingkah laku) dari EXO-K.

Bagaimana pesta ulang tahun ku bersama D.O. hyung?

Mungkin karena ini adalah ulang tahun pertama ku bersama kalian, tetapi pada awalnya aku sangat menunggu pesta ini dengan harapan yang begitu besar dan pada akhirnya aku merasa aku begitu dicintai oleh kalian semua, begitu..baiklah, aku pikir itu adalah waktu yang sangat membahagiakan untukku!

Terima kasih banyak untuk fans kami dan semuanya yang telah datang untuk merayakan ulang tahun ku bersamaku!

Mm..Sudah 1 tahun semenjak aku debut di umur 19 dan sejak itu waktu terus berjalan dan sekarang aku sudah 20 tahun. Daripada aku mengatakan pada kalian semua aku akan segera menunjukkan sosok yang lebih dewasa dari diriku, aku lebih suka mengatakan bahwa aku akan berusaha dan tumbuh setiap harinya. Tetap semangat melihat Kai yang sedikit demi sedikit akan menjadi dewasa!

Sekali lagi, terima kasih karena kalian sudah mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun untukku dan D.O. hyung!!
Catatan : Taemong (N: mimpi yang didapatkan sebelum bayi yang dikandung lahir, mimpi ini didapatkan oleh ibu Kai) adalah ikan mullet bukan ikan pedang pendek!!!!…??

English Trans:
Hello! This is your constant (T/N: as in a constant attitude) Kai in EXO-K.

How was our birthday party with D.O hyung?

Perhaps it’s because this is my first birthday party with you, but I looked forward to it with great anticipation in the beginning, and towards the end I felt that I was so loved by you all that..well, I think it was a very happy time for me!

Thank you so much to our fans and everybody else who came to celebrate my birthday with me!

Mm…It’s been 1 year since I debuted at age 19 and since then, time has passed and I am now 20. Rather than telling you all that I will immediately show myself with a more adult-like image, I’d like to say I will put in effort and grow everyday. Please anticipate seeing a gradually maturing Kai!

Once again, thank you for wishing me and D.O hyung happy birthdays!!

 P.S. My (T/N: or rather, his mother’s that she had of Kai) taemong (T/N: dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby) was a mullet fish, not a cutlassfish!!!!…??

source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; english : juliana @ exok-trans // bahasa : mschoiyu @EXOnesia

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[MAGAZINE] Ivy Club Magazine Issue no.12 preview – EXO-K [Eng Trans]

12 Jan

[MAGAZINE] Ivy Club Magazine Issue no.12 preview – BAEKHYUN AND D.O



Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: My mother is really into quaint and cozy DIY things. I remember when I was little, she decorated the inside of a gold-colored chocolate box very nicely for me on Valentine’s Day. ^^ As a side note, I received chocolate only from my mother that day… a memory that isn’t so much a memory….(T/N: in the sense that there was no girl involved)

Q: The most number of chocolates you received at once?

A: There isn’t one time that I have received a lot and I only remember that it really feels like a present given from the heart every time I receive one.

Q: A love song you like?

A: Lee Seok Hoon sunbaenim’s ‘10 reasons to love you’. If you look at the lyrics and the title together, the subject of 10 reasons to love you is written, really anyone can sympathize with the lyrics and I think that it’s a song that allows you to really feel Lee Seok Hoon sunbaenim’s sweet voice blending with a romantic vibe.

Q: Do you keep up with anniversaries (T/N: holidays, etc) well?

A: No matter what anniversary, I think I keep up with them well. Even if people receive a small present or warm words on an anniversary, I think even these small things can make them very pleased. ^^ and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like seeing someone else happy. If many people who carelessly spend their anniversaries tried just a bit more, what would it be like?

Q: The one person that you have to give candy to on White day?

A: without a doubt, I have to give candy to my parents who win 0th place (T/N: 0 coming before 1)! Haha

Q: A place you’d like to visit as a date destination on Valentine’s Day?

A: I have never been to Namsan Tower. I definitely want to go there! ^^


Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: When I was younger, I couldn’t receive any chocolate from anyone so I went to the supermarket and bought some for myself and ate them alone. (It’s a bitter memory… ㅜㅜ)

Q: This Valentine’s day you will be?

A: Because I received so much chocolate, it seems I will have to go see the dentist. Is this a happy worry!? ㅎㅎ

Q: An event you’d like to plan for your girlfriend someday?

A: I want to make chocolates filled with my love and give them to her.

Q: A song you want to listen to on Valentine’s day?

A: Usher-something special

Q: A date that you want to have on Valentine’s day?

A: I want to walk holding hands with just the two of us on a quiet and beautiful street.

Q: Gifts you’d like to receive on Valentine’s day?

A: I want to receive chocolate and a love filled letter.


[MAGAZINE] Ivy Club Magazine Issue no.12 preview – SUHO AND SEHUN



Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: In elementary school, someone put chocolates in my locker, I still don’t know who it was. Haha I’m thinking about that now! Who could it be?

Q: When in love and I a bad guy? Or a nice guy?

A: Um.. wouldn’t I be a nice guy? Because I am Suho, everyone’s guardian angel that protects them. >_<

Q: Most memorable present?

A: As a high school graduation gift I was given an electric piano. I listened to many different kinds of instruments and was studying music so it ended up helping a lot. Every time I play the electric piano, if I think about how much my parents think about me, I am very thankful.

Q: A romantic movie you like?

A: A movie called ‘Love Actually’. As a story with many people’s love stories in it, I think that the scenes were very beautiful, and because everything about the OST was good, I often listen to it during Christmas or Valentine’s day. ^^

Q: A place you’d like to visit as a date destination on Valentine’s Day?

A: Valentine’s day is in February, so it can be a bit cold, but I think that it would be good to go to the beach. I like the hot summer beach too, but I think that walking on the winter beach would make very beautiful memories.

Q: The one person that you have to give candy to on White day?

A: Hahaha wouldn’t I definitely give it to my mother? Even if I miss some anniversaries (T/N: holidays, etc) I think that I definitely must celebrate White day with my mom. Hahaha don’t forget about everyone else also! ^^


Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: For the first time in Elementary school, when one little girl wrote a letter and gave me chocolate is the most memorable.

Q: The most number of chocolates you received at once?

A: An uncountable amount! ^^ (I’m a popular guy!?)

Q: A love song you like?

A: You are a person born to be loved. ㅎ.ㅎ

Q: This Valentine’s day you will be?

A: Because I received so many chocolates from the fans I think I will be very happy sharing and eating with the members.

Q: As a present a hand knit scarf vs a brand name muffler?

A: Definitely… a hand knit scarf as a present!!!!

Q:  Gifts you’d like to receive on Valentine’s day?

A: On Valentine’s day I definitely want to receive chocolate. ^^ (and fans’ love?  ㅋ)


[MAGAZINE] Ivy Club Magazine Issue no.12 preview – CHANYEOL AND KAI



Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: When I was in elementary school, my mother and my sister handed me some heart-shaped chocolate and told me that Valentine’s Day is a day when women gift chocolates to men. I was so happy that I didn’t eat any and brought them to school to brag about them instead.

Q:  A romantic movie you enjoy?

A: I enjoy romantic movies very much! Among them all, ‘It Can’t Get Any Better Than This’ and ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ are my two favorites starring Jack Nicholson, whom I respect very much. Both are great films that make your heart warm on cold winter days, so I recommend that you all check them out too!

Q: When in love, are you a nice guy? Or a bad guy?

A: I think I must be the nice guy! I usually love people and get attached and affectionate easily, so if I ever fall in love, it’s likely I’ll take good care of the person with all my heart!

Q: An event you’d like to plan for your girlfriend someday?

A: When I find a girlfriend, I’d like to make her things, like cake. I have never made one before, but I see people around me and even on the internet receiving hand-crafted cake as gifts and it has always made me quite jealous. Though I may be clumsy, I’d like to put my all into making a one of a kind cake for that special person.

Q: A place you’d like to visit as a date destination on Valentine’s Day?

A: I’d like to go to an amusement park the most. I’ve always liked amusement parks as a child and I’d love to visit again on Valentine’s Day with my date to go on rides, attend festivals, wear silly headbands, and go on walks together.


Q: How was your most memorable Valentine’s Day?

A: Honestly, I don’t think there has been a memorable moment I can think back to on Valentine’s Day. In 2013 I am sure to make one with the other members or my family! It’d be much better if I share it with you too, right?

Q: It’s Valentine’s Day. Has there been a time when you had wished your girlfriend would get you something other than chocolate?

A: To be honest, I have never received chocolate from girls before. So I think I’d be moved by any Valentine’s gift I receive and feel very grateful for it. ㅜㅜ

Q: If you don’t have plans for a date on Valentine’s, what will you do instead?

A: I think I’d spend time with my family or meet up with a couple of very close friends. That is, if my friends also don’t have dates and are willing to come out and see me, too ㅎㅎ.

Q: Which do you prefer? Candy or chocolate?

A: I like chocolate more~ When I used to be in a chocolate craze, I used to buy one and eat at least one everyday! But not anymore~

Q: Gifts you’d like to receive on Valentine’s day?

A: Since it’s Valentine’s Day, chocolate is probably best?? I’d like to have cute, hand-crafted chocolate. If I really do receive them, I’d think they’d be too good to eat!!

Q: The most number of chocolates you received at once?

A: The most I’ve gotten is probably four. It was when my friend and I exchanged chocolate on Pepero Day.

source: ivy club magazine via sehun_say
translation cr; zesha and juliana @ exok-trans

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