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[OFFICIAL] 12.12.24 Official Site Update : Baekhyun & Sehun Messages ^^

24 Dec



Halo! Ini adalah cahaya EXO Baekhyun !

Akhirnya besok Natal !! Woah aku sangat bahagia
Beberapa hari yang lalu aku mendengar nyanyian natal..
Dan sekarang karena aku dapat membagi banyak cerita kepada kalian semua di malam natal, aku sangat senang ~^.^

Kalian pasti sangat sangat kangen kami ㅠ.ㅠ Persis sama dengan kami …
Tetapi pikirlah kalau butuh waktu untuk kami untuk menunjukkan kepada kalian penampilan yang lebih baik ~! Oke ? (Iya~)

Ah benar !! Dan nantikan special stage kami di akhir tahun !

Terakhir, untuk Natal, habiskan waktu dengan baik dan bersenang-senanglah dengan keluarga dan teman-teman kalian !
Jangan lupa kalau kami selalu berada di sisi kalian !

To EXO’s loves ! Merry Christmas ! I love you ! (Storm of tears)_ㅋㅋ


Hali ini adalah maknae EXO Sehun~

Hari ini adalah hari Natal!!!
Merry Christmas semuanya~

Kami tidak bisa bertemu dengan kalian semua tapi kami akan menghabiskan waktu bersama kalian semua dalam hati kami~~
Kalian juga akan seperti itu kan? ㅎㅎ

Akhir-akhir ini sangatlah dingin jadi kalian hati-hati jangan sampai sakit, kalian harus memakai baju hangat untuk keluar
Dan kuharap kalian akan menanti-nantikan panggung yang sedang kami persiapkan untuk akhir tahun!!

Kami akan menunjukkan kalian sebuah penampilan baru!! ㅎㅎ

Semuanya harus selalu memperhatikan kami, EXO, dan terus mencintai kami!!
Kami akan selalu memikirkan seluruh fans dengan senang!
Kami sangat mencintai kalian~ semakin mencintai kalian~ dan semakin semakin semakin mencintai kalian~~ dan semakin semakin semakin semakin semakin semakin mencintai kalian~

Apakah kalian tahu apa yang selalu aku katakan di akhir [pesanku]?
Kamu mungkin masih belum tau,, ,
Tetaplah bersama kami sampai akhir~~
Kalian sudah berjanji, sudah dikunci, tanda tangan, copy dan laminating, selesai~~~~~~ selesai selesai~~ aku sudah melakukannya [itu sudah sangat telat]
Sekarang kalian harus berada bersama kami sampai selesai hahaha !! Merry Christmas~~~~~



Hello ! It’s EXO’s light Baekhyun !

Tomorrow it’s finally Christmas !! Woah I’m really happy
A few days ago I heard a Christmas carol..
And today since I can share a lot of stories with everyone like this on Christmas Eve, I’m really happy ~^.^

You must miss us very very much ㅠ.ㅠ It’s exactly the same for us too …
But think that it takes time for us to show you an even greater image ~! Got it ? (Yes~)

Ah right !! And look forward to our special stage at the end of the year please !

Lastly, for Christmas, spend a happy and nice time with you family and friends !
Don’t forget that we’re always by everyone’s side !

To EXO’s loves ! Merry Christmas ! I love you ! (Storm of tears)_ㅋㅋ


Hello it’s EXO’s maknae Sehun~

Today is Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas everyone~

We can’t meet everyone but we will spend it with everyone in our hearts~~
It’s going to be the same for all of you too right? ㅎㅎ

It’s very cold these days so be careful not to catch a cold, you have to wear warm clothes to go out
And I hope you will look forward to the stage we’re getting ready for the end of the year!!
We will show you a new image!! ㅎㅎ

Everyone has to always look over us, EXO, and love us a lot!!
We’re also always thinking of all of the fans thankfully!
We really love you~ love you more~ and love you more more more~~ and love you more more more more more more~

Do you know what I always say at the end [of my messages]?
You still might not know„,
Go with us until the end~~
You promised, it’s sealed, signed, copied and laminated, finished~~~~~~ finished finished~~ I already did it [it’s too late]
Now you have to go with us until the end hahaha !! Merry Christmas~~~~~

source: exo-k’s official website
eng trans by: emilie @ exok-trans
indo trans by: airdef @ EXOnesia





121224 EXO-M Sina Live Weibo Chat – ENG Trans

24 Dec

121224 EXO-M Sina Live Weibo Chat – ENG Trans


T/N: They wrote “WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M” on every message so we left it out after the first few.

Question: What does EXO-M want to say most to fans?
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, We are EXO-M. Thank you for the support the fans have given us, we hope that everyone can celebrate the countdown to the New Years with us on Jiangsu TV. Please look forward to our new album a lot.

Question: When will we see everyone in the group together? I want to see everyone together during New Years Eve! Gayo Daejun is alright too!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. We’ll be at Jiangsu’s New Years countdown show, EXO-K will pass the new year in Korea cheering us on.

Question: Today is Christmas Eve, is there anything you want to do with the members?
EXO-M: We’re waiting for Santa Claus~~ We’re preparing to wait for Santa to give us presents haha.

Question: Passing the new year inland with the fans~are you happy? Do you have any special thoughts????????????
EXO-M: Of course we’re happy, so happy we could die. Because this is the first time having the new year with the fans since our debut.

Question:LOOK AT ME! !【CHEN】 I know Chen oppa loves Chinese food and the Chinese fans but among Chinese food, which one do you like the most I am curious. I am supporting all of our oppas, be strong!
EXO-M: Every Chinese food is tasty to me~^^ I love all our fans~~~~~

Question: Happy Christmas Eve, all the members need to be healthy, take care of your voices, release more albums
EXO-M: Thank you for caring for us, we will. You all need to as well~~ We love you all

Question: Between Baozi-ge and Chen-ge whose Chinese is better?
EXO-M: Of course…it’s Chen~~ by XIU MIN

Question: Hehe~ Are the six of you in a trance in front of the computer?~~
EXO-M: You’re so smart~~ We are in front of one computer.

Question: You like Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United, but right now Ronaldo is at Real Madrid, and on Lunar New Year  they’re playing the UEFA Champions League, at that time which side will you support? In Manchester United which member(s) do you like??
EXO-M: I like Manchester United the best. Haha~

Question: Will there be collaborations like Two Moons on the new album?
EXO-M: Anticipate it~~hahahaha.

Question: Do you have any wishes for the new year, any goals that you want to achieve ❤ Wu Yifan, look here
EXO-M: We hope that with the 12 members together we can fly even higher, also that the fans and our families can be healthy and happily pass every day in the new year

Question: Xingxing-ge has to pay attention to rest, especially take care of your waist injury…carry whatever you need to nurse your waist around all the time! Please don’t get injured again……
EXO-M: Thank you all so much for your concern, my waist injury is a lot better. We will keep working hard to show everyone a better stage

Question: Baozi-ah, what Nanjing food do you like to eat the most, tell me quickly!
EXO-M: Xiumin-gege says he wants to eat crab or hot pot, something of the like. BY LAY

Question: Chen, I really like how you are when you speak Chinese
EXO-M: Chen says he will work hard to learn Chinese in the future, he won’t let everyone down~~ BY LAY

Question: 【Huang Zitao look here!】 Taozi when will you be able to come back to Qingdao~~ Can you come back to pass the new year? I love you, take care of your body
EXO-M: I also want to go back to Qingdao but we keep not having events in Qingdao. If we do in the future it will be good

Question: Are you all happy? Work hard!
EXO-M: Because of you all we are very happy

Question: Wu Yifan, what Chinese dish do you like to eat the most? I will work hard to learn how to make it, I will, you have to remember to eat apples, the coming year will definitely be very peaceful
EXO-M: Do you not know? I like to eat anything aside from fish? Haha especially our Chinese dishes

Question: Lu Han is the manliest look here! Lu Han do you want to eat Beijing’s roast duck? Did you receive apples today? Lu Han is your chin still here?
EXO-M: It’s not just me who wants to eat it, all the members are very interested, but we’re too busy and haven’t had a chance to eat it. I hope that next time when we go back to Beijing I can take the members to go eat Beijing’s roast duck

Question: Little panda little panda, compared with the you before debut, what do you think has changed?
EXO-M: I have become more charismatic~ Even though I’m not perfect, I’m working hard~~~~

Question: Wu Yifan~~reply to me quickly!! Otherwise today I won’t be able to fall asleep!! I am a very persistent person!!! Are you still afraid of your manager now???
EXO-M: Actually our manager is particularly good, he’s a “good guy” hahaha

Question: I wanted to ask Taozi, other than strolling by the beach, do you also like watching snow?
EXO-M: I like to watch snow, do you want to go with me?

Question: issing~ say a lame joke, I’m listening
EXO-M: Long long ago there was a mountain. In the mountain there was an EXO-M who went back to participate in Jiangsu’s New Year’s Eve concert, it’s memorable~~~

Question: I want to know who is the craziest~
EXO-M: Crazy Frog and Kungfu Panda~

Question: Xing, I like your dimples a lot~
EXO-M: Thank you all, I also like you all

Question: Chen~ In my class there’s a person who looks a lot like you when he smiles~ We all call him CHen~ hahaha
EXO-M: Really? Then it seems that he is also ~very~ handsome BY chen

Question: Is the food that Lay-ge makes tasty? I really want to know. Reply
(T/N: The person wrote it three times to emphasise that she wanted a reply.)
EXO-M: It’s really good, do you want to come and try some~

Question: Lu-ge!! Is your chin still there?!
EXO-M: Aiyo it’s still here~! Haha

Question: 【【【【Huang Zitao look here】】】】Shopping or the sea, pick one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXO-M: Shopping~!

Question: Who is typing? Pretty quick? It’s definitely not Wu Yifan~~
EXO-M: It’s really not Wu Yifan. BY KRIS

Question: Romantic panda Tao, there are so many of us who love you a lot, you have to work hard! We will be most optimistic about you. Tao, the 27th is jiejie’s birthday, give me a blessing, please wish me happy birthday, I specially hurried back from the outside, Huang Zitao, if you still don’t see this I’m leaving
EXO-M: Happy birthday~!

Question: In Exo whose laugh point is highest, whose is lowest?
EXO-M: Actually they’re all the same, just that compared to me I normally don’t goof off~

Question: Asking: Zhang Yixing!!!! I’m going to roar TTTT
EXO-M: Ah ah ah ah houhou~~

Question: Zhang Yixing, knowing that the fans that you love and love you the most, at this moment on Christmas Eve, what would you like to say to the fans that love you..
EXO-M: Fans~ Merry Christmas~

Question:What kind of person do you like the most? What is your favorite snack? Huang Zitao!!! It’s you!!! Don’t look at anyone else!!!!
EXO-M: Become the king of the your own world~!

Question: Huang Zitao, beautiful girls or RMB, which one do you like???? You can only say one!!!.???
EXO-M: I want it all~!

Question: Lu Han, never seen you play soccer, when can you show us a little
EXO-M: Hehe, if there’s a chance I’ll definitely demonstrate for you all~!

Question: Lu Han, wish me happy birthday! Today is Christmas Eve, it is also my birthday! And Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas! Just reply to me a bit… @~@
EXO-M: Wishing you a happy birthday~!

Question: Lu Han-ge, I’m going to take a test, give me some love and blessings
EXO-M: Wishing you luck on testing~ Work hard

Question: This year is special to you all, this time how you will have Christmas? Aside from your family and fans, is there anyone you want to celebrate with the most? Merry Christmas EXO!!~
EXO-M: Because we are currently preparing the next full album, of course we also want to be with EXO-K

Question: Kris look here look here!!!! Help me carry my books
EXO-M: Give me your books~!

Question: Wu Yifan, will you die if you reply to me will you die will you will you will you!!!!!!!!!!! Will you!!!!!!!!!
EXO-M: 🙂

Question: Lu Han what did you eat today!
EXO-M: At the moment I haven’t eaten yet

Question: Little panda how many inches is your waist~~
EXO-M: My figure is better than you can imagine~

Question: Huang Zitao Huang Zitao~~ does Qingdao’s winter have heating, is it really cold
EXO-M: I’m in South Korea, I don’t know is Qingdao is cold or not~

Question: 【【【Lu Han】】】】】】】】】Just reply to me!!!! You see it right, if you see it then make a 【【【ZHI】】】】】 sound!!!

Question: Zhang Yixing look here, Zhang Yixing, my friends are becoming annoyed, saying that I’m spamming them, so can’t you reply me? ~~~~(>_<)~~~~
EXO-M: 🙂

Question: Kris Oppa, I’ll make a bet with you that you won’t reply, I’ll bet you a box of ACE
EXO-M: You lost~! haha

Question: Baozi baozi look here~~~ Now that you eaten a lot of good foods, which yummy food gives you the deepest impression
EXO-M: I like hot pot the most

Question: Zhang Yixing make that zhi noise once too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Zhang Yixing take good care of your waist!!! If you’ve heard me reply!!!!
EXO-M: Thank you for your care, take care of yourselves as well

Question: Baozi gege!!!! XIUMIN OPPA I’m begging you reply to me reply to me!!!! If you reply me your face will slim down!!!! Believe me!!!
EXO-M: Okay I believe you

Question: —- (T/N: The question was deleted)
EXO-M: I will always live in your hearts ~!

Question: Fan fan~ Happy Christmas Eve~ Wish me luck on my exams~
EXO-M: Jia you jia you jia you!

Question: Actually I’m also taking my exams soon, how come when others say they’re taking an exam the receive a reply, I want a good luck message too Huang Zitao bring your well wishes to me!!!
EXO-M: Good luck

Question: Fanfan will you return home for Chinese New Year?
EXO-M: Recently the traffic’s really bad because of the holidays~ I can’t get a ticket

Question: Huang Zitao, I am Monk Tang, do you like me?? I’m talking to you, peacock princess~
EXO-M: I don’t like people who don’t have hair hahahaha [joking

Question: Lu Han, do you dare reply to me?
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. I do~

Question: Wu Yi Fan, please make a zhi sound!!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. YO

Question: Zhang Yi Xing, I’m very angry!!!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. Don’t be angry, quickly come and celebrate the new year’s countdown with us

Question: Even Luhan worked up the courage to reply, Wu Yifan can you reply!
EXO-M: Okay

Question: Chen ~Happy Christmas Eve~Wish me luck on my exam~ Chen ~Happy Christmas Eve~Wish me luck on my exam~
EXO-M: ZHU FU NI (T/N: Good luck)

Question: Tao tao!!! Quickly reply to me once!!! I love you the most!!!!! I bet a box of leopard print you won’t reply me, do you dare!!! It’s almost time for exams, wish me luck
EXO-M: Compared to pandas, I like leopard print more hahaha

Question: Zhang Yi Xing, Lu Han, Xiumin reply, I’m going to take my eam soon, wish me luck, I’ve been sitting for so long, still no reply 😥 😥 😥 I’m waiting
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. ZHU FU NI BY XIUMIN 🙂

Question: Bao zi, Bao zi, I’m angry, I’ve sent 4 messages to you, you won’t even reply to one.
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. BIE SHENG QI^^ (T/N: don’t be angry)

Question: Wu Yi Fan, you won’t give me a zhi sound, oh my god, I’m going crazy, you’re too mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m roaring
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. yoyoyo

Question: Kim Jongdae, I’ve lost it.. Give me a reply..
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. NI ZHEN SHI MEI NV (T/N: You really are a beauty)

Question: Lu Han and Lay, if you were asked to endorse ice tea and green tea, would you be very excited? Please reply girlfriend line
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. We’d definitely be excited, any opportunity is very precious to us~

Question: Yi Xing ( ⊙ o ⊙ )! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~do you see me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~·
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. I have seen you

Question: Unlucky! Lu Han is ignoring me! I’ll cry to make you see!!! 555555555555555555555
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. Don’t cry

Question: Wu Yi Fan„ I’m heart-broken, what do I do?????? Not happy on Christmas Eve~~~~~~ You won’t even reply to me
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. MERRY KRISMAS hehe

Question: Taozi ah, recently I’ve been staying up late so my eye bags are more prominent, I want to have pretty wo can like you, help me
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. Don’t don’t don’t, sleep well.

Question: Wu Yi Fan, I really am very angry, I’m crying from anger, I’ve asked almost 100 questions, why aren’t you replying to me, quietly hides in a corner to weep.
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. Don’t be angry

Question: Huang Zi Tao!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, you, you panda who’s pretending to be human!!!!!!!!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. I’m not a panda pretending to be human, don’t talk to me like that hahaha

Question: Jiangsu TV New Years Eve’s first show, how is everyone feeling? Are you happy? Aren’t we fans very passionate? Come on EXO-M, we are one!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. We’re very excited to be able to go to Jiangsu for the New Years countdown, we’re very thankful to Jiangsu TV for giving us this opportunity, we’re also very honoured to be able to be on the same stage as so many seniors, we hope that everyone will watch us and give lots of support.

Question: [[I bet you the six of you won’t reply!!!!!!!]] Alright~ the six of you have to do your best!! Waiting for your domineering comeback! Waiting for you to come to Shenzhen once more!! Waiting to see you all again! Jiayou jiayou!!
EXO-M: WE ARE ONE!! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M. We will continue to work hard, we won’t disappoint you when we comeback, we hope that you guys will continue to support and encourage us. Look forward to our domineering comeback and this time’s Jiangsu TV New Years Eve performance~ Thank you, Good night.

source: EXO-M’s weibo
translation cr; angi + hyewon + xuan @ exom-trans


Gamsahamnida ^o^

121224 Sehun & Baekhyun FANBOARD REPLIES at EXO-K official Website – ENG TRANS

24 Dec

121224 Sehun & Baekhyun FANBOARD REPLIES at EXO-K Official Website ^o^


121224 Sehun & Baekhyun FANBOARD REPLIES at EXO-K Official Website

[FANBOARD] Baekhyun: hello~^%^ I’ve come with Sehun in this Christmas eve! Here here look here~~

[FANBOARD] Sehun: This is EXO’s maknae Sehun!”Yaaaaaaaa~ CHRISTMAS!!!!

Q: Does Sehun eat more???
Baekhyun: I think I eat more..^%^ Sehun likes to eat sweets hehe
Sehun: Baekhyun eats more, I eat sackㅠ

Q: Baekhyun-ah, noona can’t see you right now, go to America ㅜㅜ
Baekhyun: heol ㅜㅜ Are you studying in America?

Q: Oppa, I’m a bit cold, please “ho” (blow) for me
Baekhyun: Ho~~~~~~~

Q: Do you like to eat mint chocolate? I like you o~
Baekhyun: I felt it taste like mint flavour toothpaste, I don’t like it.

Q: What’s Sehun’s sleeping habit?
Sehun: Um……I think there isn’t any…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ

Q: Sehun are you here?
Sehun: Yes I am !! wo ai ni~ (i love you in chinese)

Q: Sehun, i screwed up my exam
Baekhyun: hello it’s baekhyun~^^ why did you screw up ㅠㅠ sehun is replying others? sorry^^

Q: Baekhyun-ah, I like the way your lips look
Baekhyun: I like how it looks too… Hehe

Q: Sehun, do your uniform rehearsal again
Sehun:kkkk… i would but.. i dont think i can..

Q: When you smile your left dimple looks nice
Baekhyun: it’s my first time hearing it ~ refreshing

Q: since when u are so good-looking?
Sehun: idk too. My mum gave birth to me like this

Q: Sehun are you and minseok close?
Sehun: we are having a loving relationship kkkk we’re extremely close!! minseok hyung

Q: Sehun what color will you dye your hair the next time?
Sehun: I don’t know!! what color should i do?

Q: Im curious to whatanimals you raised
Baekhyun: I’ve raised cats before!! names are Motnani, Aepuenni! Also dogsa dachshund!! the name is Chorong kkk

Q: I’m a thai fan~
Baekhyun: Sawadee~kub~^^ (Hello in Thai) Pom Ruk Khun (i love you in thai)

Q: You reply really fast, but why when it comes to me you dont?
Sehun: zzzz now i’ve replied~ i love you!

Q: Sehun oppa, what’s your favorite foods?
Sehun: I eat almost everything.

Q: Between Sehun and Baekhyun who’s the cutest?
Sehun: I’m not cute!

Q: Baekhyun, do you want to go to Europe with me?
Baekhyun: Wow Europe…ㅠㅠ Jealous…ㅜㅜ

Q: baekhyun do you like cheesecake?
Baekhyun: Its tasty down to the last bite ! hehe it sounds weird

Q: Who is this? Sehun? Baekhyun?
Sehun: Sehun~

Q: Do not want to try college life?
Sehun: I want to go to University…It seems so fun..

Q: Because of you (Baek) i wrote my first comment in here.
Baekhyun: Welcome ~^^ to the official website ! hehe

Q: Baekhyun oppa, i have a confession to make. I love you. heart heart.
Baekhyun: Christmas eve confession…Received…^^ Haha

Q: Sehun has many nicknames, Oh reushin (eyebrows), Oh jingeo (squid), & Oh Sehun
Sehun: i like them all~~ ohreun (right), ohdulteu (adult) kk

Q: Sehun, do you believe in santa?
Sehun: Since 5 years old….  i .. dont.. be..lieve…

Q: the-hun oppa do you type faster than DO?
Sehun: i dont know! the-hun oppa… th..nononononono”

Q: Sehun i’m so sad today
Sehun: Why!! who did this!! its okay!! please stay strong!! you still have me~

Q: I’m raising a guinea pig right now, do you want to?
Baekhyun: Should i raise one? I’m thinking about it, it’s really cute

Q: What is this, Sehun and Baekhyun are both here?
Baekhyun: We came here as Christmas presents ^~^ jjan~~~

Q: Baekhyun what do you want to eat at a christmas party?
Baekhyun: since it’s christmas how about shaved ice?

Q: You’re not lying right!! heol.. i love you
Baekhyun: Of course^^ when have i ever lied~~

Q: What did baekhyun eat to be this handsome~
Baekhyun: hehehe thank you.. i’m embarrassed ;; kkkk

Q: Sehun-ah, I came running when I heard you came (at the fanboard)
Sehun: Thank you~~~ Merry Christmas! LOVE

Q: Baekhyun, help me
Baekhyun: where are you! should i go find you ^^? kkk

Q: Baekhyun i miss you
Baekhyun: duduun… I miss you too.. ㅠㅠ

Q: Both Sehun and Baekyhun are here?
Baekhyun: Yes since it’s christmas eve we both arrived^^ kkk

Q: Baekhyun what did you do today?
Baekhyun: practicing for even a better image for you guys.. I did well right!

Q: Baekhyun my birthday is on the 31st
Baekhyun: wow that’s a really good day to have a birthday!! happy early birthday!^^

Q: Sehun isn’t it hard to change your hair so often?
Sehun: My scalp is bad.. but if it makes you happy then it doesn’t matter

Q: Baekhyun i love you~
Baekhyun: heol~! (OMG in korean) its the sound of christmas hehe

Q: Sehun’s nickname, adult~
Sehun: adult kkkkkkk theres oh~reun too kk i like both!!! hmm.. which one is better..

Q: Merry Solo Christmas (refers to being single)
Baekhyun: Me too solo… solos fighting!!

Q: Baekhyun did you catch a cold?
Baekhyun: my nose is so dry lately ㅠㅠ I need a humidifier today

Q: Sehun what will you be doing for christmas?
Sehun: I’m going to celebrate it with the fans in my heart! kkk

Q: Baekhyun when will i receive a reply from you.. merry christmas!
Baekhyun: right now, right away!! hehe merry christmas ^~^

Q: I didn’t receive a reply from Kyungsoo-oppaㅠㅠ
Baekhyun: I will give a reply to you!! Merry Christmas~

Q: Baekhyun-ah do you like bubble tea?
Baekhyun: That… I really like bubble tea! But Sehun likes it more more more

Q: is it true Sehun is on the website? please be careful of the cold
Sehun: yes!! everyone please also becareful and wear warm clothings

Q: Baekhyun do you like Chicken?
Baekhyun: do you know what’s a robot’s favorite food? hmmm~~~~ chicken~~ chicken kkkkkkkkk

Q: I’m leaving soon, please say something
Sehun: You cant… please come back.. please becareful.. please come back im waiting

Q: Sehun is in the homepage? Be careful of the flu
Sehun: Yes!! Everybody, be careful of the cold too!! Wear warm clothes~

Q: Sehun do you like hot chocolate?
Sehun: I like everything choco~~ kkkkk

Q: what should fans the same age call you? Baekhyun-ssi? Baekhyun-a?
Baekhyun: hehehe just call me anything you’re comfortable with

Q: Do you miss being a student?
Baekhyun: I want to go to MTs… I think it would be fun..

Q: Sehun since it’s really cold, your special ability must be of use
Sehun: sorry, i’ll make it not cold now~ kk

Q: Why doesn’t sehun reply?
Sehun: But i reply? hehe

Q: Meuang oppa, please reply me
Baekhyun: Who’s meang oppa..?? haha

Q: Baekhyun what character is this ☆☆☆♡☆☆☆☆ if you cant find it you’re silly
Baekhyun: ♤ this? ✩ this? ☼ this? kk ♡

Q: how does coffee and donut sound?
Baekhyun: Forget coffee, I want hot chocolate!

Q: Sehun if you dont reply my message i will cry!!!!
Sehun: please dont cryㅠㅠ!!!!!

Q: Who’s the one who replies the first between you two?
Sehun: i came first!!

Q: You both are using the same computer?
Sehun: we have 2 computers~~ kkk

Q: Sehun what’s your favorite food?
Sehun: I eat everything just fine~ kk

Q: Baekhyun did you practice your aegyo (cute poses)?
Baekhyun: i didn’t practice..ㅠㅠㅠ

Q: Baekhyun, will you reply me before the year ends?
Baekhyun: I’ll do it now~ merry christmas!

Q: Baekhyun what is your favorite type of book to read?
Baekhyun: Comics

Q: Sehun-a, my katalk profile picture is you..
Sehun: hehehe thank yew (with cuteness)~

Sehun: LOVE~

Q: Sehun why do you never reply to me only?
Sehun: no!! kkk since theres a lot of comments i didnt see it, merry christmas~

Q: Sehun-ah, protect Luhan-hyung’s dimples
Sehun: kkk Okay….? Why…? Kkkk

Q: Sehun, because it’s Christmas, let’s drink bubble tea
Sehun: I want to go ㅠㅠ

Q: What do you want for Christmas?
Baekhyun: I… want a snowman… ㅜㅜ

Q: Baekhyun really came?
Baekhyun: ♥ this proves it right? hehe

Q: Baekhyun please reply me!!!!
Baekhyun: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! replies!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Sehun Oppa I love you! (in english)
Sehun: me too~~~~ (in english)

Q: Sehun, what’s your favorite holiday?
Sehun: Halloween~~~~~~

Q: Sehun please reply please please, i love you
Sehun: Yes~~~ bbuingbbuing~ i love you too!

Q: Who ever thinks they’re handsome come in
Sehun: ME!

Q: Since its christmas what will you be doing?
Sehun: I’ll be thinking of the fans~~

Q: If baekhyun doesn’t see this i will cry.. what will you do on christmas?
Baekhyun: dont cry~~ i will practice with M

Q: If you dont see this you’re ugly~
Sehun: I saw it!!!!!!!!!!! i saw it so i’m handsome right? ㅜㅜ

Q: Baekhyun oppa and Sehun oppa are romantists… In this (Christmas) eve~
Baekhyun: kkkk~ We are pretty~^^ kkkk

Q: Baekhyun-ah,Sehun is still faster than you,this time, it should be you!
Sehun: It’s still me right now!

Q: Since its christmas what will you be doing?
Sehun: I’ll be thinking of the fans~~

Q: You’re not lying right!! heol.. i love you
Baekhyun: Of course^^ when have i ever lied~~

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Gamsahamnida ^o^

EXO-K for the Korean Red Cross Youth

21 Dec

EXO-K are the honorary ambassadors for the Korean Red Cross Youth. Here’s a sneak peak of their photo shoot for RCY!

——->>> Trans—>

EXO-K adalah duta kehormatan untuk Korean Red Cross Youth, ini beberapa foto yang diambil saat pemotretan untuk RCY!
semacam palang merah kalau di Indo ^^, bangga sama oppadeul deh ^^





HunHan couple Facts , sometimes yes sometimes no ^o^

12 Dec

Annyeong Haseyo ^.^

hunhan nice

di postingan ini, saya mau bahas tentang HunHan couple ^^
yapp, gabungan antara member exo-k dan exo-m ini emang diprediksi jadi couple number 1 nya exo, apalagi kedekatan couple ini udah terlihat dari jaman teaser dan masih berlanjut sampai sekarang *langgengamat* 😛

sebenarnya bisa dibilang saya gag shipper” amat sama couple ini, alias labil, kadang suka kadang gag suka, sesuai judul postingan —>> sometimes yes sometimes no 😀
hal ini tak lain tak bukan karena I’am a whirlwind (sebutan fandomnya sehun – belum official kug :o)
jadinya agak sebel aja gitu kadang” liat kedekatannya Sehun ma Luhan *sebenernyasihsirik _tanda tak mampu :D*
apalagi kalau uda liat si Luhan colek” atau peluk” Sehun, sirikmax lahh #bahasaapaini xD

tp sometimes juga seneng juga sih liat kedekatan mereka, so sweet aja liatnya, kayak kakak adik yang saling menyayangi. kkkk 🙂

jiaahhh, kebanyakan intro, 😛 jeongmal mianhae *bow* — langsung masuk ke HunHan couple facts nya aja ya ^^

1. Sehun dan Luhan terlihat sangat mirip,bahkan banyak yang bilang kalau mereka seperti adik-kakak. Dan Sehun sangat senang jika ada yang bilang dia dan Luhan mirip >,<.


2. Pas di Disneyland,hairstyle Luhan yang Apple Hair itu adalah maha karya dari Sehun -?-. Awalnya Luhan bilang kalau itu jelek,tapi dia tidak merubah sedikitpun hasil karya itu.


3. Masih di Disneyland,Luhan itu takut naik wahana,makanya dia sempet ngomelin Sehun sampai-sampai Sehun jadi lengket ke Tao. Padahal tujuan Luhan ngomelin itu supaya Sehun mau nemenin dia yang takut naik wahana .____.

4. Cara Luhan megang tangannya Sehun itu cukup aneh. Terkadang dia lebih suka memegang pergelangan tangan Sehun atau tangan Sehun yang sedang mengepal. -salting kali ya- *dan baru kemaren nemu yg gandengannya pas bgt. kkk . ini pake bahasa apa ya 😀


5. Terkadang Luhan merasa risih karena pautan umur mereka -Hunhan- itu 4 tahun,tetapi mereka terlihat seperti seumuran. Tetapi dia suka disebut Baby Face -_-

6. Sehun itu protective banget ke Luhan,bahkan dia pernah nolongin Luhan dengan cara megang tangannya pas di Airport LA karena Luhan begitu terdesak -good boy- *gininiygbikinauthorsirik 😀

7. SM, Cordi Noona dan beberapa member Exo,atau mungkin semuanya merupakan Hunhan Shipper.

8. Ketika Exo-K & M berkumpul,maka jangan kaget kalau Hunhan akan terus berdekatan. kkkk. selalu and always :3

9. Ketika Fans bertanya pada Sehun siapa saja member yang pernah ia cium,salah satu jawaban Sehun yaitu : Luhan. Selain Baekhyun,Chanyeol,Suho dan D.O *ehh author ketinggalan gag disebutin tuh. wkaakaka *plakplakplak xD

10. Jika Sehun di Korea sedang makan enak,dia akan selalu teringat pada Luhan yang nun jauh di Cina sana -?- apakah Luhan makan dengan teratur dan enak? -so sweet-

11. Luhan itu termasuk ceroboh,jika bersama Sehun biasanya dia akan jatuh. Maka jika di airport Sehun selalu menjaga Luhan agar ia tak jatuh.

12. Dan kejadian di Music Bank ketika Sehun tidak menjaga Luhan adalah Luhan terjatuh dan hampir mencium pintu -?- dan Sehun hanya terkikik melihatnya.

13. Jika ada member lain yang dekat dengan Luhan dan dia tidak,apalagi hingga berinteraksi dengan Luhan maka Sehun akan menunjukkan ekspresi ketidaksukaannya secara gamblang. *jealous nih bang 😛

15. Sebaliknya,Luhan tidak pernah menunjukkan ekspresi cemburunya,namun terkadang ada yang aneh pada senyumannya atau tatapannya jika Sehun terlalu dekat dengan member lain.

16. Luhan itu tidak suka berada jauh-jauh dari Sehun. Ia akan menghampiri Sehun dan mencoba mendapatkan perhatiannya.

17. Jika Sehun tak menyadari keberadaan Luhan,maka Luhan akan sangat sedih  dan berusaha mendapatkan perhatian Sehun sampai Sehun melihat ke arahnya.

18. Sehun itu banyak bicara,biasanya member lain akan malas mendengar celotehan Sehun, namun Luhan akan mendengarkannya dengan sabar walaupun ia tak menangkap sepenuhnya apa yang Sehun bicarakan.

19. Baekhyun pernah membuat Sehun menangis hanya karena Baekhyun terus mengatakan, ” Aku dan Luhan mirip.”

20. Baekyeol gak pernah berani lagi ngerjain Luhan,karena itu sama artinya dengan membuat Sehun mogok latihan. *yaampununyubgt 😛

21. Luhan ini tipikal orang yang kalem kalau dikerjain Baekyeol. Beda sama Sehun yang akan langsung ngambek dan ngadu ke Luhan.

22. Sehun sempat bilang kalau Luhan tak punya kekasih. Lalu Luhan menjawab, ” Kalau begitu,kau saja yang jadi kekasihku.” *oh noooooooooo (゜◇゜)

23. Member lain akan terbiasa “dikacangin” Sehun kalau dia udah sama Luhan

24. Ketika trainee, Sehun mengajak Kai untuk membeli bubble tea, namun Kai sibuk dengan latihan tambahan. Lalu mengajak Chanyeol,tapi Chanyeol lebih sering hang out dengan Kris. Hingga akhirnya mengajak Luhan,dan mereka masih bersama hingga sekarang.

25. Chanyeol merupakan member yang mendukung Hunhan,dia menyebut Hunhan = SeLu

26. Sehun punya impian untuk bernyanyi bersama Luhan, sayangnya ia lebih sering menari bersama Kai.

27. Sehun selalu berharap bahwa ia akan bisa Bahasa Mandarin dengan fluent agar ia bisa berkomunikasi lebih banyak dengan Luhan. *sosweetdah 🙂

28. Wajah Sehun akan terlihat lebih ekspresif dan adorable ketika Luhan ada di sampingnya

29. (Disneyland) Ketika D.O menyentuh Sehun, Luhan yang melihatnya langsung menyeret Sehun menjauh dari D.O seakan-akan D.O adalah stranger *haduhbangluhanjanganjealous”bgtdund 😀

30. Ketika Tao’s Birthday Party, Sehun memeluk Luhan dan berbisik -?- “Hyung,Saranghae.”

31. Luhan itu orangnya easy come,easy go -?-. Jadi kalau Hunhan lagi diem-dieman Luhan akan biasa saja,atau Bahasa Sundanya itu ‘lempeng’ -_-” karena ia sama sekali tak merasa bersalah *peluksehun xD

32. Jika Hunhan sedang ‘berantem’ maka Sehun akan menghampiri Luhan dan bilang, ” Tadi aku marah.” Lalu Luhan akan meminta maaf.

33. Luhan akan menuruti apa kemauan Sehun,mengantarnya berjalan-jalan di malam hari,mengikuti gerakannya atau apapun.

34. Mereka berdua buka-bukaan -?- bilang kalau mereka itu serasi dan ditakdirkan untuk bersama -Aamiin-

35. Sehun sering bilang kalau dia kangen Luhan

36. Jika ada masalah di Exo-M,tak akan ada seorangpun memberi tahu Sehun dan mereka menunggu Luhan memberi tahunya karena Sehun akan langsung berubah murung.

37. Kalau Luhan salah ngomong dalam Bahasa Korea,maka Sehun akan langsung mengoreksinya.

38. Jika Sehun berjalan terlalu cepat,maka Luhan akan menarik baju Sehun agar Sehun menunggunya.

39. Sebaliknya,jika Sehun berjalan di belakang Luhan maka ia akan terus menolehkan kepalanya ke belakang dan berjalan lebih lambat agar Sehun bisa berjalan beriringan dengannya.

40. Di W Magazine,Hunhan selalu terlihat bersama. Bahkan ada moment Luhan memangku Sehun.

hunhan hug

41. Waktu Luhan terkena flu berat dan iritasi mata,maka Sehun langsung meminta ponsel pada Manager,padahal itu masih saat latihan.

42. Persahabatan Hunhan itu persahabatan yang murni dan cukup langka. Berbeda budaya,bahasa dan negara tak menjadi masalah bagi mereka

43. Sehun iri pada Baekyeol couple,karena mereka selalu bersama. Berbeda dengan dirinya yang terpisah dengan Luhan.

44. Jika Luhan sudah dekat dengan Kai,maka Sehun akan memilih untuk bergabung dengan double rapper atau Krisyeol.

45. Hunhan dan Baekyeol itu sebenarnya saingan,jika Sehun menyebut ” Hunhan Couple Forever!” maka Baekyeol akan menyahut, ” Oh.”

46. Luhan bilang Hunhan itu real. Sedangkan Sehun bilang “walaupun kami terpisah,Hunhan couple forever!”

47. Salah satu topi milik Sehun merupakan pemberian Luhan dari Cina.

48. Hunhan sering bertukar baju.

49. Luhan jarang menggunakan make up tebal karena Sehun selalu bilang, ” Kau sudah tampan.”

50. (Disneyland) Hunhan rebutan kaca,tapi akhirnya Luhan ngalah dan memilih ngaca di kaca mobil.

next Pic Spam Hunhan ^^

hunhaann (1)

hunhaann (2)



hunhan (2)

hunhan (3)

hunhan ivy

  hunhan red

hunhan hunhan111 hunhane





dan last pic, yang bikin author ngeri” gag jelas -_____-


done buat HunHan factsnya, mian kalau ada beberapa komenan sirik author :p next time pengen bahas soal KaiSoo, BaekYeol couple, dll ^^ enjoy this blog chingu o(^o^)o

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Super Junior EXO ~south korea addict~ first time

10 Dec

Annyeong haseyo ^.^

setelah lama menghilang dari dunia per-blog-an, akhirnya saya untuk memutuskan lagi bikin blog khusus korea, secara blog satunya penuh dengan curhat-curhatan di masa-masa galau yang kayaknya agak gak matching kalau digabungin sama postingan about korea. :p

yeah, first, perkenalan diri dulu lah asal mula saya suka korea, gak peduli ada yang baca atau gak yang penting nulis dulu, prinsip penulis yang saya dapat dari seorang teman yang hobi nulis juga . kkk.

saya/gue/aku atau apalahh mahasiswa sastra indonesia semester 7 yang sedang galau memikirkan masa depan 😀 *curhat dikit.
suka semua tentang korea baru satu tahun lebih, tapi langsung addict banget. first bias Super Junior dan masih sampai sekarang, dan InsyaAllah selamanya 🙂 bangga jadi bagian dari E.L.F dan lautan sapphire blue ^^
sebenarnya dari kecil uda suka hal-hal yang berbau asia, terutama pas SD dulu, getol banget sama yang namanya F4 dan meteor garden, yapp Vic Zhou yang gak tau sekarang kabarnya gimana berhasil bikin masa kecil saya penuh dengan hal-hal yang berbau F4. mulai dari beli semua barang-barang F4 dari kaset, foto, CD bajakan, CD asli, dan tetek bengek lainnya yang penting ada F4nya, tak luput dari jangkauan masa kecil saya.
alhasil gara” ini pulalah saya berniat belajar bahasa mandarin pada saat itu, HANYA PADA SAAT ITU. yang akhirnya berhenti di tengah jalan karena gak terlalu tertarik lagi dan inget kalau saat itu F4 uda mulai meredup, dan sudah gag addict” amat lagi sama mereka. dan setelah beberapa tahun berlangganan majalah Asia yang selalu update masalah artis-artis asia harus berhenti karena mama yang bosen liat saya numpuk” majalah di rumah, akhirnya usai sudah masa” kejayaan saya ngefans artis taiwan.

beberapa tahun berselang ketika drama korea lagi seru”nya tayang di salah satu channel tipi di Indonesia, sekitar kelas 2 SMA seingatku, Coffee Prince, yapp, temen” sekelas lagi rame”nya ngomongin drama itu pas lagi beres” kelas pas acara tujuh belasan, dan saya cuma melongo aja, secara uda lama nggak update soal yang berbau” asia.
dulu cuma sekadar tau aja drama” korea macam Endless Love, All In, Winter Sonata, Glass Shoes dll, dan yang paling ngena dan suka sampe sekarang, –>. Summer Scent itupun karena cerita dan background” di pegunungannya bagus” banget ..
setelah itupun masih cuma sekedar liat drama” korea di tipi dan gag sefreak sekarang sama korea.
Setahun lalu, pas k-pop lagi buming”nya, adek saya iseng donlod video kpop dan ditunjukin ke saya, video SJ, Shinee, SNSD, mulai bermunculan di kompi saya yang notabene dulu kompinya masih joinan bertiga sama adek dan mas.
hal ini diperparah dengan mas yang mulai ngefreak addict sama SNSD, especially Tiffany, his bias until now, saya dan adek pun teracuni dengan cewek” girlband besutan SM itu.
SM artis lah yang pertama muncul di depan saya, dan alhasil sampai sekarang saya mendedikasikan diri saya untuk ngefans dengan artis” SM, yang sekarang lagi gencar”nya worldtou, dan saya gag nonton pas konser kemaren di jakarta #ngenes -_____-
dari MV bonamana lah, akhirnya saya jatuh cinta dengan personil-personil suju yang dulu susah banget ngapalinnya, secara MV Bonamana gelap *alesan 😀 akhirnya iseng” brosing blog yang posting profil suju, dan mulai ngapalin sdikit” sampe” hapal di luar kepala.
awalnya saya ngebias-in Kyuhyun Suju, tak lain tak bukan karena cuma dia member suju yang saya tau, 😀 itupun gara kyu ngisi soundtrack di drama King Of Baker yang kebetulan juga saya ngikutin. ehh kemudian gara” satu dan lain hal, akhirnya saya jatuh cinta dengan Yesung a.k.a. kim jong woon yang jago octopus dance, sampe sekarang ^o^. seiring berjalannya waktu, saya mulai suka dengan member-member SJ, dan memutuskan untuk jadi ELF.

karena kefreak-an saja terhadap suju, sempat jadi admin di beberapa Fanpage SJ, dan bertahan sampai sekarang ^^

sekitar beberapa bulan yang lalu, adek saya mulai tanya’ soal exo, karena saya cuma tau sedikit aja, ya saya jawab aja sekenanya, tp justru pertanyaan sepele ini yang sebab dari akibat yang saya perbuat sekarang,
I’M EXO -K addict, pertamanya ngefans D.O. dan berpindah ke Sehun~ah maknae imut exo-k yang gantengnya keterlaluan. kkk. tapi sebenernya suka semua sih exo-k, baru mulai suka exo~m karena liat lucunya tao dan gantengnya kris :p
yap, itu sedikit banyak asal usul saya ngebias SJ, EXO dan semua hal tentang korea ^^

END for first post, semoga berlanjut kedepannya, aminnn 😀

🙂 tambahan nge-spam beberapa Pic bias ~
Exo , Exo – K , Exo – M ♥

Uri Sehun~ah ♥ ^^



next, Super Junior ♥♥♥ \(^.^)/ImageImageImageImage

dan, yang terakhir suami sayaaaaaaaaa. kkkk xD mr.Selca yg jago octopus dance 😀 Yesung a.k.a. Kim Jong Woon ♥♥♥

sekian dulu postingan kali ini, yang suda baca, GAMSAHAMNIDA*bow* ^^

Hello world ! ^^

10 Dec

Yapp, i’m comeback to the blogging world – ^^